• CPD Newborn and Infant Physical Examination
  • Examination of the Newborn

    This module will enable students to competently undertake a full physical examination of the newborn.

    This will be from a holistic perspective, critically appraising the relevant antenatal and intrapartum factors in relation to contemporary literature and professional responsibilities. This will be in accordance with local and national policy, as well as the current standards of the Newborn and Infant Physical Examination (NIPE) Screening Committee, Public Health England.

    Upon completion of this NIPE module, students will have honed the skills to conduct newborn examinations. They will have developed the knowledge to place them in the context of care needs. They will have gained vital experience, allowing them to understand and communicate those needs. 

    This module can be taken as part of a masters pathway in the Health Sciences Open Award.

    • Critically evaluate, synthesise and systematically apply the evidence underpinning neonatal anatomy and physiology relevant to the physical examination of the newborn baby and neonatal resuscitation.
    • Critically evaluate the effectiveness of local and national guidance and standards that relate to the physical examination of the newborn baby and neonatal resuscitation.
    • Independently undertake comprehensive physical examinations of newborn babies, including consideration of relevant familial history.
    • Demonstrate appropriate and effective communication skills with parents, family members and professional colleagues in relation to the present condition, future development and any referral needs of the newborn in complex situations.
    • Discuss appropriate information regarding health promotion and supportive strategies in relation to the future health of the newborn baby in partnership with the woman and her family.
    Must be a registered midwife or nurse, and be supported to achieve practical requirements by employing Trust.

    Course attendance dates (Thursdays: 10.00-14.00 hours):

    • 28th January 2021
    • 11th February 2021
    • 25th February 2021
    • 11th March 2021
    • 25th March 2021
    • 15th April 2021
    • 29th April 2021  
    • 13th May 2021

    Assessment days (compulsory)

    • Week Commencing 21st June 2021 (Actual Dates/Days to be Confirmed)