• 3 nurses and lecturer
  • Facilitating Workplace Learning

    Department of Psychology, Health and Professional Development

    These modules prepare health and care professionals for their respective roles as mentors (nursing and midwifery), practice educators (occupational therapists), clinical educators (physiotherapists), practice teachers/assessors (social work and specialist community nurses), and other facilitators of workplace learning (paramedics, ODP). The modules are approved by the NMC and prepare Nurses and Midwives for their roles as mentors (NMC 2008).
    Supporting and assessing the learning of others in your workplace is challenging and this module will help you to be knowledgeable and confident in your approach. The module also helps you to develop your transferable skills for supervisory management and working at a senior level whatever your profession.   

    For Nursing and Midwifery applicants, please read the following handout ‘Preparation of NMC Mentors/Sign-Off Mentors on the website: www.hls.brookes.ac.uk/peu/nmc-standards

    The course comprises three days of attendance/teaching. The tasks of teaching, supervising and learning in the workplace are common to all members of the course, and exploration of professional difference provides a rich source for examining your own professional requirements. Discussion with other professionals and carrying out exercises on the course offers the opportunity for you to identify the similarities and subtle differences within each profession. Support is offered by the course team. The team includes teachers from a variety of different professional backgrounds.

    Please Note: The following NHS Trusts are approved to deliver the Non-Credit version U44176 ‘in-house’:

    • Oxford University Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust (OUH)
    • Oxford Health NHS Foundation Trust (OH)
    • Frimley Health NHS Foundation Trust (FH)
    Please contact your Trust Education Department for further details.