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  • Non-Medical Prescribing (v300)

     (Application Code XNM - M Level)

    The Non-Medical Prescribing (V300) course provides a programme of preparation for registered nurses and midwives to prescribe safely and competently as independent prescribers.

    The course introduces pharmacology, legal and ethical prescribing, interpersonal skills and quality assurance aspects of prescribing. These are underpinned by reflection on your own experience, evaluation of your own performance and application of theory to practice. It also enables participants to be aware of current developments within non-medical prescribing in the UK.

    The course consists of 12 taught and 14 e-learning days. Students are also required to complete a minimum of 12 days (84 hours) supervised practice.

  • If you wish to take this as a standalone module then you can apply to be a postgraduate associate student using our online application portal. You will need to register for the portal prior to proceeding with an application.