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  • Public Health in Midwifery Practice - Theory and Practice

    The aim of this module is to equip midwives with the skills to evaluate different approaches to promoting the health of women, families and society, and consider how these might best be applied to address the needs of specific populations and current public health concerns. There will be a focus on the role of the midwife as lead professional collaborating with professional, lay and community support groups to enhance care given to families.

    The module will examine issues such as mental health, domestic and sexual violence, obesity, substance misuse, alcohol and smoking. Inequalities across groups and populations will also be considered, as well as challenges to implementing change posed by the political, cultural and socio-economic environment within which midwives work.

    This module can be taken as part of a masters pathway in the Health Sciences Open Award.

    • Critically examine the concept of health promotion, models of health promotion and ways in which health can be promoted effectively in a diverse range of settings.
    • Identify and explore inequalities in maternity care provision and the political and cultural influences underpinning these, and critically assess how these may be addressed.
    • Critically appraise research evidence, commonly used measures of maternal and child health and public health datasets, and use these to inform practice.
    • Debate the political and cultural influences on midwifery practice and identify strategies for improving and strengthening maternity care.
    • Develop strategies to address an area of health need, applying and critiquing an appropriate theoretical framework and incorporating an evaluation plan.
    Must be a registered midwife or nurse, and be supported to achieve practical requirements by employing Trust.