• CPD Recognition, Stabilisation and Transport of 'At Risk' Neonate
  • Recognition Stabilisation and Transport of at risk Neonate

    This Level 7 single practice module is designed to provide an in-depth exploration of the early recognition, stabilisation and management of the deteriorating neonate. It provides practitioners with the opportunity to develop their knowledge and skills in recognition of early signs of deterioration in the 'at risk' neonate. Students will gain knowledge and skills in the assessment of the 'at risk' neonate to inform decision making in the management, stabilisation and transfer of the neonate for specialist intensive care.

    They will build on knowledge and skills gained in practice developing effective communication and team working in the stabilisation and safe transfer of the neonate and support of their family. A range of evidence will be explored and critically analysed to determine implications for practice. Students will develop learning through classroom dialogue and debate and online learning, challenging and reflecting on their practice.

  • If you wish to take this as a standalone module then you can apply to be a postgraduate associate student using our online application portal. You will need to register for the portal prior to proceeding with an application.