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  • Mental Health Crisis Support Training

  • Are you a professional who often comes into contact with individual’s experiencing a mental health crisis?

    Due to the increased prevalence of mental health in the UK and in-line with the Five Year Forward View for Mental Health, it is acknowledged that many professionals are encountering individuals who are or have experienced a mental health crisis.

    Mental Health Crisis Support Training is a single day, scenario-based workshop (supported by an e-learning package) designed to support non-mental health trained professionals (including Police, Prison Officers and Carers) who may care for or support people in mental health crisis. Over the course of our e-learning package and single face to face simulation study day, we will aim to equip you with the skills and knowledge to:

    • Recognise when an individual is in distress and maybe experiencing a mental health crisis
    • Support people experiencing mental health crisis using a range of verbal and non-verbal communication skills
    • Understand mental health law as it pertains to your role
    • Identify when, why and how to escalate concerns with somebody is experiencing a mental health crisis
    • Recognise the role you have in supporting an individual in crisis
    • Develop mental health skills
    • Increase confidence when supporting people in mental health crisis
    • Act as a champion to reduce stigmatising attitudes

    This is a bespoke provision for which you can apply for price and required dates to the CPD Unit email address at ctc@brookes.ac.uk

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