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  • Pre-Hospital Trauma Life Support (PHTLS)

  • Are you a healthcare professional working in the pre-hospital arena, wishing to expand your knowledge, skills and clinical decision-making?

    Our PHTLS course is designed to support front-line emergency staff in strengthening their knowledge base and ability to make rapid and appropriate patient care decisions in emergency situations.

    As an accredited PHTLS provider, The Faculty of Health and Life Science recognise that when treating trauma patients in the field, every second counts. This is why we seek to offer a unique approach to addressing multi-system trauma and critical thinking, to give patients the greatest chance of survival.

    Our PHTLS programme teaches professionals why certain procedures are performed and emphasises the quick assessment of patients with traumatic injuries to improve survival. Topics include; the principles of trauma care, scene and patient assessment, airway management, circulation, haemorrhage contract and detection/treatment of shock.

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