• The Centre for Movement, Occupational and Rehabilitation Sciences

    The Centre for Movement, Occupational and Rehabilitation Sciences (MOReS) has at its heart a strong and dynamic research team that focuses on education and care with a clinical focus.

    Among a wide range of projects, the Centre’s research focuses on nutrition, exercise, rehabilitation and movement science, and their role in the work environment. Also prominent in its work, it provides a supported environment for research of young children living with disability.

    To discover more about the MOReS Centre and the expertise it offers please visit the dedicated web pages. The Centre welcomes invitations to collaborate or to undertake trials and studies on behalf of commercial partners. Contact us to discuss how the MOReS team might assist with your requirements.

    Oxford Clinical Allied Technology & Trial Services Unit

    About the Unit

    Oxford Clinical Allied Technology and Trial Services Unit has a unique focus on Allied Health and Nursing research, and technology innovation for both traditional trials, clinical audits and other services. In keeping with key areas of Government development for Technology, Innovation, Health, Disability and the management of long-term condition it invites collaborative research with both investigator and industry-led service users for early phase non-CTIMP and Class I Medical Device well-designed studies and trials. The unit offers support, training, and a suite of services on a modular basis as well as a complete study and trial level service with a clear pricing structure.


    To enable timely efficient development and evaluation of local, national and international technology innovations for nursing and allied health professions and their collaborators as well as industry partners through operational excellence by the provision of services.


    For more information or to discuss specific research needs please contact info.oxcatts@brookes.ac.uk

    The unit is supported by the MOReS research group.