Public engagement with our research

  • Our researchers integrate public engagement activities into their everyday work and foster a culture where engagement is entwined into research design. They collaborate with, consult and inform the public about our research and why it matters. Find out more by reading our Public Engagement with Research (PER) Strategy.

    Below are some examples of how we are engaging the public with our research.

    Midwifery research exploring parents' skin cleansing habits for their newborns.

    Senior Lecturer in Midwifery at Oxford Brookes, Sarah Fleming, joined by Dr Jane Carpenter and Dr Louise Hunter, both from the Oxford School of Nursing and Midwifery, conducted a study with nearly 1,000 sets of parents taking part in a detailed survey.

    The effects of social distancing and lockdown on young children and babies

    Dr Nayeli Gonzalez-Gomez @BrookesBabyLab speaks to @richardjgodwin @guardian about her research on the effects of social distancing and lockdown on young children and babies.

    Drug research

    Dr Emma Davies talks about her drug research on this podcast episode.

    Hand Hygiene and infection prevention

    Dr Alzyood has researched hand hygiene for the last decade, and wants to see the habit of regular hand washing maintained in society long after the Covid-19 pandemic has ended.

    Concussion in Sport

    New research says families of athletes suffering with brain damage need much more support, care and answers.

    Dr Ryan Pink talks to Brookes Unscripted.

    Ryan is a Senior Lecturer in Molecular Biology and Genomics at Oxford Brookes University focusing on the effect of extracellular vesicles in cancer and CEO of MetaGuideX cancer diagnostics.

    Future public engagement with HLS research events

    Science Bazaar in 2022

    The Oxford Brookes Science Bazaar  is a one-day event promoting STEM activities, work and research taking place across the University. It brings together over 100 staff and students who plan and run a range of enthralling activities across the Headington Campus; from building rocket cars to testing your balance and much much more! Over 2,000 local parents and children have attended in previous years. 

    Find out more about the Science Bazaar

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    If you are an organisation interested in co-producing public engagement activities, we would love to hear from you.

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