Research Ethics

  • If you are conducting any research involving human participants or their data you need to apply for ethics approval.  Human participants include:

    • Living individuals
    • Recently deceased individuals
    • Data generated from or about individuals

    Please note that getting ethics approval can take time. Therefore, it is important that you plan ahead and seek support from both your Supervisor and Department Research Ethics Officer (DREO) when preparing your application. These are:

    • Oxford School of Nursing and Midwifery: Sue Schutz (Nursing), Jo Brett (Midwifery, Community and Public Health)
    • Dept of Biological and Medical Sciences: Kellie Tune
    • Dept of Sport, Health Sciences and Social Work: Roger Ramsbottom
    • Dept of Psychology, Health and Professional Development: Emma Davis

    FREC meets once a month to review a maximum of eight applications, and you can expect to receive feedback within two weeks of the meeting date. Most applications will have points of amendment and clarification, and in some instances require further approvals (e.g. from external bodies such as National Research Ethics Service or Health Research Authority), so make sure you allow sufficient time for this when setting out your project timeline.

  • Undergraduate Student Dissertations: Please consult your Departmental Research Ethics Officer after reviewing the Faculty Research Ethics Handbook and liaising with your supervisor. The forms can be accessed here

    Msc Students: Please consult your Departmental Research Ethics Officer after reviewing the Faculty Research Ethics Handbook and liaising with your supervisor. The forms can be accessed here

    PhD Students and Staff: Applications are reviewed and ‘signed-off’ by the relevant Departmental Research Ethics Officer before being submitted to the University Research Ethics Committee for approval. Please check the UREC page for information on the relevant form. The only exception to this is where a project for research, service evaluation or audit involves NHS staff or service users and / or their data. In this case, the project must be reviewed and approved by the Faculty Research Ethics Committee (FREC) prior to submission to the NHS Research Ethics Service. If you are undertaking research involving the NHS then you need to apply to FREC using either an E2D or IRAS form. Please consult the Departmental Research Ethics Officer or Faculty Research Ethics Officer for advice on which form to complete. You can access an E2D form here and you can access the IRAS form here.

    Non-HLS PG students: If you are graduate student in a different faculty but are intending to conduct research with/in NHS institutions and you require sponsorship for your research you need to apply to HLS FREC after prior consultation with your Faculty Research Ethics Officer.

    Please note that if you are completing an IRAS application there is an e-learning module on completing the application form here.

    In the first instance, please discuss your research project idea and proposed methodology with your module leader and your supervisor(s).

    Once you are clear about the project methods please consider attending an ethics drop-in session with Kellie Tune, or discuss the requirements with your Departmental Research Ethics Officer.

    When you have developed a draft of your proposal please make an appointment with your Dept Research Ethics Officer to review the application and other documents required for FREC approval prior to submission to the committee.

    REC deadline date
    for application submissions
    REC meeting date
    Semester One 2018
    Monday 10 September 2018 Tuesday 18 September 2018 – week 0
    Monday 8 October 2018 Tuesday 16 October 2018 – week 4
    Monday 5 November 2018 Tuesday 13 November 2018 – week 8
    Monday 10 December 2018 Tuesday 18 December 2018 – week 13
    Semester Two 2019
    Monday 7 January 2019 Tuesday 15 January 2019 – week -1
    Monday 11 February 2019 Tuesday 19 February 2019 – week 4
    Monday 4 March 2019 Tuesday 12 March 2019 - week 7
    Wednesday 25 March 2019 Tuesday 2 April 2019 - week 10
    Monday 29 April May 2019 Tuesday 7 May 2019 - week 13
    Monday 3 June 2019 Tuesday 11 June 2019
    Monday 8 July 2019 Tuesday 16 July 2019
    No meeting in August No meeting in August