Research grants

External research funding is important to enabling and promoting excellence in research, as well as supporting the faculty’s financial health. Due to the ever-growing demand for research funding, and the complexities of putting together multi-partner or international consortia bids, the Research Office assumes a proactive role in supporting colleagues identify appropriate funding sources and advise on how best to apply to them. The overview below aims to summarise the support available and the procedures in place to guide funding applications along their journey from ideation to submission, from award to delivery.

If you are intending to submit an application for external research funding, please take a minute to complete the form below. The form allows you to let us know what your envisaged project would look like, what the core budgetary and other requirements are, and ultimately how we can best help support it from costing through to submission. Similarly, form responses are shared with your Research Lead to ensure they are aware of the bid and can also facilitate it as and where necessary.

1. Pre-Award: Submitting Applications for External Research Funding

2. Post Award: Setting Up and Managing Research Projects

Congratulations you’ve won a research grant! There is a lot of help and support available across the Faculty and University to get your project up and running, all of which can be found in the comprehensive Guide to Managing Research Grants and Research Staff.

As a quick start overview, when you are awarded a grant you will need to follow the following first steps: