Research Training

  • Brookes offers its staff and students a wide variety of training and development options, whether they be introductions to new approaches and methodologies, courses to acquire or enhance skills, or supporting other routes to personal and career progression. Below a few of the most relevant opportunities available, but for further details and support please contact: 
    Lorraine Williams (Research Manager) E:

  • Details of the various training and networking opportunities for research students can be found here:

    Training and networking for research students

    Training run by the Graduate Office on University regulations and procedures, including compulsory training sessions for all research-active academic staff who wish to act as supervisors can be found here:

    Supervisor training

    Researcher Development

    The Oxford Brookes University ‘Researcher Development Matrix’ maps training for researchers at different stages of their careers against the Vitae Research Development Framework. It supports the development and progression of research staff through training, seminars, workshops, courses, on-line resources, advice on policies, procedures and more in accordance with the four domains listed below:

    Newly appointed research-active staff, at any level of seniority

    Early career researchers and research-only staff

    Mid-career research active staff

    Senior research active staff

    Research Methods and Management Training

    The University runs a training programme for its academic and research staff including research induction and networking events, applying for research funding sessions and what to do post-award, computer courses, Statslink and Mathslink training, Library training and Mentoring. The core elements of the course are compulsory for those who are new to Higher Education (i.e. have less than three years’ experience in HE in the UK):
    Research methods and management training for research staff


    Statslink/Mathslink provides one to one statistical and mathematical advice for all research-active staff. Short course sessions are run on Statistical Methods for data analysis and MATLAB for researchers:
    statslink and mathslink


    Vitae is dedicated to realising the potential of researchers through transforming their professional and career development:

    IT Training

    OBIS provide training opportunities for students and staff to develop and enhance their IT skills. e.g. Access, Excel, Nvivo, Photoshop, PowerPoint, SPSS, Web writing, etc:
    IT training

    The mentoring scheme is open to all contract researchers, all research active staff and to those who would like to become research active:

    Mentoring scheme

    Simply fill in an application form to register as a Mentor, a Mentee, or both:

    Mentors and Mentees are matched on the basis of defined criteria for research learning and development. Mentors are asked to confirm their expertise, knowledge and experience in areas such as: applying for promotion; achieving Work-Life Balance; winning research grants and managing rejection; writing, editing and publishing research papers, etc. The same categories are presented to Mentees to facilitate matching and help define expectations of the Mentoring scheme from the outset. Mentees are asked to select up to three areas for Mentoring and to list them in order of priority. It is suggested that Mentor and Mentee meet approximately once a month for no more than an hour and for no longer than a year, with a specific goal or goals in mind.

    What are the benefits?

    For Mentors: gaining a fresh perspective; satisfaction from acting as an ‘enabler’ for others; continuing professional development; achievement in seeing your mentee progress; something to add to your CV or promotion application.

    For Mentees: tapping the knowledge and ideas of a more experienced academic; access to a ‘neutral’ person to act as a sounding board; assistance with setting career goals and taking responsibility for your career management.

    The OCSLD is one of the UK’s largest and most established providers of staff and educational development for further and higher education. OCSLD run relevant courses for researchers, including Project Management, Health and Safety, Leadership and Management. They also host a comprehensive Career and Personal Development website and run teaching programmes suitable for research staff:


    Details of training events, workshops and guidance for research students and contract research staff is offered by the University Careers Centre. This includes same day appointments, and assistance on CV building, applications and interviews:

    Careers centre