• Brookes End of Year Campaign

      A visit from the British Heart Foundation, Oxford Food Bank, Oxford City Council to help promote the End of Year Campaign across housing and halls in the Oxford area.
      25 April 2018

    • 10 Week Cookery

      This course is suitable for enthusiastic amateurs who are looking to further their skills and gain knowledge from the professionals. By the end of the 10 weeks you will have learnt a variety of skills and will have gained confidence in the kitchen.
      16 May 2018

    • Around the World in Breads

      This course is suitable for enthusiastic amateurs as well as the more experienced bread makers.
      18 May 2018

    • MBA Preview Day

      Thinking of studying the Oxford Brookes Global MBA? Come and meet the teaching team.
      20 May 2018

    • There’s been a murder! But why do we care?

      Join Dame Katherine Grainger and Professor Anne-Marie Kilday in a lively conversation, as we discuss why people are so fascinated by murder and murderers in the modern era.
      22 May 2018

    • Fragmented and Convoluted: Working-Class Experiences of Navigating Higher Education

      Talk with Laura Jayne Bentley, hosted by Simon Kövesi
      23 May 2018