Oxford School of Hospitality Management

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    Recognised as a centre of excellence for research in international hospitality and tourism.

    Our academics are industry experts who frequently publish leading research.

  • The Oxford School of Hospitality Management is recognised as a centre of excellence for research in international hospitality and tourism.

    96% of research judged to be internationally recognised*

    Research Excellence Framework Results 2014
    *Research was submitted as part of the Faculty of Business

    Our aim is to conduct rigorous research that:

    • advances academics' understanding of the management of national and international hospitality and tourism organisations and destinations
    • addresses the needs of organisations and policy makers
    • informs teaching and learning practices

    We encourage applications for research degrees that fit within topics related to these areas.

    Examples of current impact projects that are being carried out within the school:

    COMBAT human trafficking: a project co-funded by the European Commission, which aims to develop measures for combating human trafficking in the hospitality and tourism industry.

    Top tips for family restaurants: A CRF funded project in collaboration with colleagues in the UK and Australia to investigate the experiences of parents and carers with children in hospitality venues and the impacts of their consumption on parenting/care-provision, wellbeing and responsible business practice.

    Social Enterprise project: a project funded by UnLtd, which aims to encourage students and academics to engage with social enterprise and encourage graduates to consider careers in this sector.

    Tackling loneliness in the elderly: how hospitality services can facilitate social connectedness The project will focus on the elderly in Hong Kong. Its findings will facilitate collaboration between hospitality businesses, elderly support groups and Government policy makers, in an attempt to connect citizens from across generations with the aim of alleviating loneliness.

  • Luna Dou

    "Brookes is such a great place to do research and you can find everything you need for a colourful life in the city of Oxford."

    Luna Dou
    PhD student Oxford School of Hospitality Management