Oxford School of Hospitality Management

  • Research projects

    The school attracts funding from research councils including the Economic and Social Research Council (ESRC) and the British Academy as well as from professional bodies and industry to support its coherent research strategy. The examples of the projects include:

    • COMBAT human trafficking
      A project co-funded by the European Commission, which aims to develop measures for combating human trafficking in the hospitality and tourism industry.
      Maureen Brookes (2014-2016).
    • Top tips for family restaurants
      A project in collaboration with colleagues in the UK and Australia to investigate the experiences of parents and carers with children in hospitality venues and the impacts of their consumption on parenting/care-provision, wellbeing and responsible business practice.
      Peter Lugosi (2016)
    • Social Enterprise project
      The school is leading on a new international social enterprise initiative. The aim of the project is to encourage students and academics to engage with social enterprise, to ensure it is integrated into university curricula and to encourage graduates to consider careers in this sector.
      Roberto Daniele (2016)
    • Tackling loneliness in the elderly: how hospitality services can facilitate social connectedness
      To be undertaken with Professor Haiyang Song of Hong Kong Polytechnic University, the project will focus on the elderly in Hong Kong. Its findings will facilitate collaboration between hospitality businesses, elderly support groups and Government policy makers, in an attempt to connect citizens from across generations with the aim of alleviating loneliness.
      Levent Altinay (2016)
    • Exploring best practice in transnational policy development
      A collaborative research project with colleagues from the State University of Campinas (UNICAMP) in Brazil, the University of Reading and Cardiff University. Supported by £40,000 from ESRC and the São Paulo Research Foundation, the project explored best practice in transnational policy development relating to the governance of environmental quality and crime reduction.
      David Bowen and Jackie Clarke (2013-2015)
    • Enclave Resort Tourism in the Maldives
      Research funded by the Faculty of Business that explores how enclave resorts compare with non-enclave resorts in relation to economic dependency and sustainable tourism development.
      David Bowen and Levent Altinay (2014).
    • Urban Coastal Transformations:
      Promoting transnational policy development in the governance of environmental policy and crime reduction An ESRC funded project to examine best practice in environmental management and crime reduction in the UK and Brazil to inform future policy making.
      David Botterill (2014).
    • Oxford Brookes Social Entrepreneur Awards (OBSEA) and Oxford Social Entrepreneurship Partnership (OSEP)
      UnLtd/Hefce SEE Change funding awarded to continue running OBSEA programme and to create OSEP in collaboration with the University of Oxford and Student Hubs.
      Roberto Daniele (2014).
    • SEE Change Programme
      Funded by UnLtd/Hefce a collaborative project with the University of Guelph, University of Florida and social enterprises Adventure Alternative and Tourism Changemakers Forum. This project aims to encourage tourism and hospitality academics and students to engage with social enterprise and to encourage graduate careers in this sector.
      Roberto Daniele (2014).
    • Ecolabelling in Tourism
      Input into the 'Sustainable Consumption Programme in Thailand', providing support to tourism businesses to embed cleaner production methods and responsible tourism principles.
      Rebecca Hawkins (2014).
    • Guidelines on mainstreaming biodiversity protection for tourism
      Birdlife International and UNDP programme developing guidelines and providing expert support for the mainstreaming of conservation initiatives into tourism businesses across the Rift Valley/Red Sea Flyway.
      Rebecca Hawkins (2014) 
    • Franchise Knowledge Transfer
      A CRF funded project which examines the factors that influence and inhibit franchise knowledge transfer.
      Maureen Brookes (2012).
    • Franchise Partner Selection
      A project funded by the Institute for Tourism Studies in Macau to investigate the criteria and processes used by franchisees to select franchisor partners.
      Levent Altinay and Maureen Brookes (2010-2012).
    • Relationship quality in Turkish-British franchise partnerships
      A British Academy funded project to investigate franchise relational quality.
      Levent Altinay and Maureen Brookes (2010-2012).
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