Oxford School of Hospitality Management

The Bacchus Mentoring Programme

  • Unique in the higher education sector, the Bacchus Mentoring Programme links postgraduate and final-year undergraduate students with senior, experienced figures from the international hospitality and tourism industry.

    You will have a dedicated mentor, who you will work closely with over one academic year. Many of these relationships live on after students' progress into employment.

    Why be part of the programme?

    The specific objectives of the programme are to:

    • enhance your employment prospects through greater engagement with leading industry professionals
    • help students have a smooth transition from higher education to work
    • build strong relationships between the School and its alumni
    • provide realistic insights into the challenges and opportunities in hospitality and tourism
    • provide opportunities for our alumni to engage with prospective graduates

    The programme has had a major impact on the learning experience of our students and their career.

    There are now more than 150 mentors participating in the programme. Many of whom are alumni of the Oxford School of Hospitality Management.

  • Lynne Levin

    "Being a Bacchus Mentor is a unique privilege. The enthusiasm and passion of each student is inspiring and a wonderful future resource for the hospitality industry."

    Lynne Levin
    Bacchus Mentor and CEO of Levin Wines