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If you’d like to share your experiences and expertise with current students or at an Open Day, or maybe take the lead in organising a reunion – we’d love to hear from you. Stay connected with the Department and with other alumni via our LinkedIn groups and alumni societies.

History Society

Keep up to date with the goings on of the History Society.

The History Society is open to all students interested in history, whether or not you’re taking the subject. We hold regular activities such as: Movie nights, Trips, Pub crawls, Quiz nights, Cinema Trips, Meals out, Formal events and an End of year ball. We will be posting information regarding future trips, activities, and events. All Oxford Brookes students welcome!

Find out more on the History Society Facebook group.

Philosophy Society

Welcome to Oxford Brookes University Philosophy Society, known affectionately to its members as PhilSoc.

Find out more on the Philosophy Society Facebook group.

Oxford Brookes Media, Communication and English Language

This Facebook group is aimed at Communication Media and Culture students and English Language and Communication students and anyone else with an interest in Media, Communications or English Language. It aims to bring students from both fields together outside of the classroom in an interactive way.

With this group students can communicate with lecturers to gain as much support as possible as well as helping each other find those all important work experiences and job opportunities! Feel free to post any media related links/websites – or funny memes for moral support.

Find out more on the Oxford Brookes Media, Communication and English Language group.

Communication, Media and Culture

Official twitter feed of the Communication, Media and Culture course at Oxford Brookes University, Faculty of Humanities and Social Sciences.

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