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    Paris field trip

    The Paris trip is a highlight of the course for our History of Art students. This trip gives our students the chance to carry out a week of intensive study on the great artworks and architecture of Paris, all under the careful guidance of their tutors.

    The trip provides an excellent opportunity to experience some of the most beautiful and important art Europe has to offer, with travel and accommodation included in the course fees for History of Art students.

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    Student story: Paris Field trip

    Vy Tran

    The opportunity to take part in a field trip to Paris was something that really attracted me to the course at Brookes – and now that I am here I really enjoy the insightful and frequent visits to museums and galleries that are organised as part of the course.

    Vy Tran, History of Art and Film studies, 2016 Read more about Vy’s experience at Oxford Brookes »

    Jack the Ripper walking tour

    The popular History module Jack the Ripper and the Victorian Underworld examines the moral and cultural climate associated with the nineteenth-century underworld. In this module, students use the phenomenon of the murderer Jack the Ripper as a tool for exploring the differing dynamics of Victorian society. Students analyse attitudes towards prostitution, the criminal class, the development of the penitentiary system, and the regulation of policing. The module also features a ‘Ripper walk’ around Whitechapel in London, visiting the infamous murder sites as well as local archives and the museum of London.

    I really enjoyed going to the actual murder locations around London; it made the module all the more enjoyable, and gave me a much deeper appreciation for how our policing and detective institutions have developed over the years. Anne-Marie’s informative talks as we were walking around London were engaging and interesting, and when we returned back to class we had to decide, in groups, who we thought the potential murderer was. I thoroughly recommend this module to anyone who is willing to try something different and learn about a truly fascinating period of history!

    Jack Sutton, History graduate