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  • Communication, Media and Culture (BA or BSc)

    Induction timetable

    Here is a list of the main events involving Communication, Media and Culture students in Induction Week (14-18 September). All events are compulsory. Once you’ve had a look at your timetable for the week, click on our Welcome Page, which contains a message from the Dean of the Faculty Rachael Langford, plus lots of other information you will need for the rest of your course.

    Please read our Faculty of Humanities and Social Sciences Induction Handbook 2020/21: Everything you need to know for induction week and beyond, in one place

    Event Time Location

    Monday 14 September

    Communication, Media and Culture Induction, with Student Support Coordinator Michael Barringer


    Module Registration Information

    The deadline is on Friday at 5pm

    Please start looking at the information from today

    All week, deadline Friday at 17.00

    Step by Step video instructions to adding your modules

    Tuesday 15 September

    Communication, Media and Culture Subject Meeting with the Programme 15.00 - 16.30

    Thursday 17 September

    Meet Your Academic Advisor
    Please see table below for your time slot
    Link will be available in table below

    Friday 18 September

    Module Registration Deadline


    Please read the information below carefully about adding your semester 2 optional modules

    Deadline for adding modules:


    Academic Adviser Meetings

    This is a list of all the Academic Advisers for Communication, Media and Culture.

    You can find your Academic Advisers name on your Student Information, Student Profile page

    For combined honours students this could be someone in your other subject; you should therefore visit your induction page for your other subject to find out when your meeting is.

    This is a live meeting where you can get to know your AA and some other students on your course. Click on the link below at the time stated.

    There will be an opportunity during this meeting, to make an appointment for a one-to-one confidential chat; or you can email your AA after the meeting.

    Academic Advisor Name Meeting time Meeting Link (Once set up)
    Dr Silvia Dibeltulo Thursday 17th 1pm
    Dr Juliet Henderson Thursday 17th 1pm
    Dr Alon Lischinsky Thursday 17th 1pm
    Dr Michele Paule Thursday 17th 2pm
    Dr Hannah Yelin Thursday 17th 2pm

    IMPORTANT - Module Registration during Induction week.


    By the end of this week you will have watched presentations or attended group meetings online for your course. You will also have had a chance to speak to your Academic Adviser, and possibly some of your Module Leaders in your subject meetings. You should, therefore, be aware that you will need to choose two optional modules for the coming year; details of these choices will be given in your subject meeting as well as information on the content and assessment of these modules.

    Once you are fully enrolled you will be able to access your programme of study through your Student Information; there you will see your 6 compulsory modules already added. You have four modules in Semester 1 and two modules in Semester 2. You can therefore see that you need to add the two optional modules for Semester 2 to make up your programme to the required eight level 4 (first year) modules.

    NOTE: A few subjects have a full programme of 8 modules for year one and therefore don’t need to do this

    The links provided here will take you to:

    You have until the deadline at 5pm on Friday 18th September to add these 2 modules. If you miss the deadline you will be allocated modules. These may not be the modules you would have chosen. Modules cannot be changed after the deadline.

    If you need help your Student Support Coordinator (SSC) will be available online all day on Friday 18th September from 9am until 5pm to help with any issues.

    How to contact your SSC for module registration

    • You can go to your Google Mail and use Google chat to have a short conversation with your SSC - use their email address to find them on Chat.

    • If you would prefer a Google Meet to talk to your SSC you MUST send them an email requesting an appointment and they will then send an invite to your Google Calendar.

    • These meetings will be limited to 10 minutes as they will be in high demand, so please have your module choices made before the Meet and we can then help you to add them to your programme.

    Please try to add your modules first before requesting a meeting. You have all week to do this so please DO NOT leave it until the last minute.

    Key contacts

    Here is a list of Key Contacts for your course:

    Contact Contact details
    Head of School Professor Joanne Begiato
    Programme Lead Dr Mark Cain
    Subject Coordinator Dr Hannah Yelin
    Student Support Coordinator Mr Michael Barringer
    Academic Liaison Librarian Ms Jo Akers
    Programme Administrator Debra Bates