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  • Communication, Media and Culture (BA or BSc)

    Induction timetable

    Here is a list of the main events involving Communication, Media and Culture students in Induction Week (16-20 September). Events in bold are COMPULSORY. Once you’ve had a look at your timetable for the week, click on our Welcome page, which contains lots of other useful information, find out everything you need-know about Harcourt Hill Campus.

    Don't forget to enrol online before you arrive so you can collect your student card. When you collect your card you will need to have appropriate photo Identification.

    Event Time Location

    Monday 16 September

    Opportunities to visit the Harcourt Hill Library and to attend any Workshops and Events that interest you. All Day Harcourt Hill Campus / Headington Campus

    Tuesday 17 September

    Induction and Welcome Meeting 10:00-12:30 B1.01 (Main Lecture Theatre), Harcourt Hill Campus

    Module Registration Help Desk 

    (For timetable and programme queries)

    Drop-in from 13:00-16:00
    FLG 06, Harcourt Hill Campus 

    Wednesday 18 September

    Freshers' Sports Fair 10:00-16:00 Centre for Sport, Headington Campus
    Student Card Collection - only for those students who still need a card. 17:00 Student Central, John Henry Brookes Building, Headington Campus
    Visa enrolment - for students who require a study visa. 17:00 Library Training Room, John Henry Brookes Building, Headington Campus

    Thursday 19 September

    Subject Meeting 1 10:00-11:00
    G116, Gibbs Building, Headington Campus.
    All single honours students must attend this meeting.
    Combined honours students can choose-attend this meeting or the 11am meeting (see below).
    Subject Meeting 2 11:00-12:00 G116, Gibbs Building, Headington Campus.  
    Combined honours students should attend meetings for both subjects but can choose which meeting-attend first.
    Meet Your Academic Advisor Drop-in from 14:00-16:00 You will find out who your Academic Advisor is when you arrive.

    Module Registration Help desk

    (only for students who still need to register modules) 

    Drop-in from 12:00-17:00 JHB404, John Henry Brookes Building, Headington Campus

    Friday 21 September

    Freshers' Fair 10:00-16:00 John Henry Brookes Building, Headington Campus

    Module Registration Help desk 

    (only for students who have missed the Thursday deadline) 

    Drop-in from 10:00-17:00 JHB403, John Henry Brookes Building, Headington Campus

    All Days

    Various Workshops and Events See Workshops and Events page for details.

    Key contacts

    Here is a list of Key Contacts for your course:

    Contact Contact details
    Head of School Professor Joanne Begiato
    Programme Lead Dr Mark Cain
    Subject Coordinator Dr Mark Cain
    Student Support Coordinator Mr Michael Barringer
    Academic Liaison Librarian Ms Jo Akers
    Programme Administrator Mr Ray Stimpson +44 (0)1865 484931

    Recommended Reading

    Here are some of the recommended texts for the first year Communication, Media and Culture modules. Please note that you are not required-get these books in advance. They are shown for those students who want-make a head start on the reading. Full reading lists for each module will be given in your lectures.

    Module Book details
    General introductions-the subject
    • Media, Culture and Society: An Introduction by Paul Hodkinson (Sage 2016 2nd Edition)
    • Cultural Studies: Theory and Practice by Chris Barker and Emma A. Jane (Sage 2016 5th Edition)
    • Introduction to Communication Studies (Studies in Culture and Communication) by John Fiske (Routledge 2010)
    Understanding Communication
    • Warren, J.T. and Fassett, D.L. (2014). Communication: A Critical/Cultural Introduction. 2nd ed. London: Sage
    Understanding Media
    • Branston, G. and Stafford, R. (2010). The Media Student's Book. 5th ed. London: Routledge
    Investigating Communication, Media and Culture
    • Kirton, B. (2010). Brilliant Study Skills: What you Need-Know and How-Do It. Harlow: Prentice Hall
    Understanding Culture
    • Storey, J. (2015). Cultural Theory and Popular Culture: An Introduction. 8th ed. London: Routledge

    Academic Advisors

    This is a list of all the Academic Advisors for Communication, Media and Culture. You will find out who your Academic Advisor is when you arrive. You should meet your Academic Advisor in their room on Thursday Week 0 between 2pm and 4pm. If there is any change to this, it will be shown in the Alternative Arrangement column.

    Name Room Phone Alternative arrangement
    Dr Silvia Dibeltulo F1.01 48 8535  
    Ms Juliet Henderson B1.26 48 8476  
    Dr Alon Lischinsky B2.19 48 8739

    Dr Michele Paule B2.21 48 8497  
    Dr Hannah Yelin B1.14 48 8360