School of History, Philosophy and Culture

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  • Suggested reading

    Each module will differ in terms of the lecturer’s teaching style and what degree of independence they expect from undergraduate students. Some may provide assigned readings each week.

    • Nagel, T. (1989). What Does It All Mean: A Very Short Introduction to Philosophy. Oxford: Oxford University Press.
    • Singer, P. (ed) (1993). A Companion to Ethics. Oxford: Blackwell.
    • O’Brien, D. (2006). An Introduction to the Theory of Knowledge. Cambridge: Polity.
    • Bowell, T. and Kemp, K. (2010). Critical Thinking: A Concise Guide. 3rd ed. London: Routledge.
    • Papineau, D. (2012). Philosophical Devices: Proofs, Probabilities, Possibilities, and Sets. Oxford: Oxford University Press.