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    • Global Citizenship as Personal and Pedagogical Practice

      Our critical reflection on the complexity of the process of new knowledge production will allow us to listen closely to and consolidate the diverse, situated perspectives of the conference community. It will also enable us to foreground how we see power, context, historical and structural forces playing out in our local practices.
      07 June 2013

    • Futures of Gender: Theoretical Perspectives in an Interdisciplinary Framework

      This is a Research conference for the Humanities and Social Sciences Faculty. It is an opportunity for Humanities and Social Sciences researchers to learn about the different research taking place across the Faculty. Dean of HSS Faculty Prof Anne-Marie Kilday, will launch the event as our keynote speaker. There will be a total of 15 papers throughout the day via five panels on the themes of 'Theorising Gender', 'Masculinities', 'Femininities', 'Intersectionality', and the 'Public and Private Spheres of Gender'. Staff from all departments, offering diverse perspectives will present papers to which all HSS Faculty Staff and Research Students are welcome. A sit-down lunch will be served with time for discussion and networking among attendees, there will also be opportunities for questions following each paper. Oxford Brookes Vice-Chancellor, Prof Janet Beer will provide closing comments to the proceedings and a drinks reception will follow, at the end of what we imagine will be a lively and engaging day.
      24 May 2013

    • Why Hume Matters

      One day conference
      21 May 2013

    • Annual Ecclesiastical History Colloquium 2013

      The subject for this year's colloquium will be Perspectives on Secularisation
      17 January 2013

    • Criminal Liability and Luck

      A One-day international workshop on Criminal Liability and Luck
      28 November 2012

    • 'Town and Gown' workshop

      This workshop, hosted by the Daily Life and the Capital City Research Group based at Oxford Brookes, will bring together possible partners who can contribute in the near future or over the longer term to the 'Town and Gown' project led by Dr Sabine Chaouche and Dr Katherine Watson.
      17 November 2012

    • Rethinking P.F. Strawson’s Individuals

      One Day Conference supported by the Mind Association
      25 November 2011

    • Health and Medicine in Princely India

      Health and Medicine in Princely India

      Research symposium
      30 August 2011

    • History of Road Safety Symposium

      History of Road Safety Symposium

      Organised by Mike Esbester as part of the AHRC-funded project, ‘;Living in Safety: The Culture of ‘Safety’ and Accident Prevention in Everyday Life in Britain, c.1900–2000’, this symposium has benefitted from the generous financial support of the Arts and Humanities Research Council of the UK and from the Economic History Society’s Initiatives and Conference Fund.
      30 June 2011

    • The Disease Within: Confinement in Europe, 1400–1800

      The Disease Within: Confinement in Europe, 1400–1800

      This two-day conference will bring together leading scholars from medical history, early modern social history and architectural history to exchange and debate ideas regarding the relationship between health and architecture in institutions of confinement.
      04 March 2011