Current students

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Ross Brooks
Queer Science in Britain, c.1900–1939: Narratives of Naturalisation and Eradication
Angela Buckley
The Science of Sleuthing: The Evolution of Detective Practice in English Regional Cities, 1838–1914
Fabien Dézèque
Can we ever be satisfied? Well-being treadmills and the evolution of happiness
Thomas Dobson
Training to Teach: Westminster College and the development of Higher Education in the 20th century
Katerina Kosta
UK university sustainability reports: an exploratory analysis of an emerging practice
Cosmin Koszor-Codrea
‘The Word of Science’: The Popularization of Darwinism in Romania, 1860–1918
Louise Roy
Mapping Murder: a Socio-legal investigation of Homicide in Lancashire, c.1816–1914
Sarah Slator
Politics in the Courtroom: International Communism, the Global Anti-Apartheid Movement and the Rivonia Trial in South Africa 1963–64

PhD Completions


Dr Melanie Bashor
Engineering Tolerance: Origins of Multicultural Education Policies in the Atlantic World from 1941‒1988
Professor Glen O’Hara
Dr Alan Bailey
Hume on Scepticism, Experience, and Religious Belief (PhD by Publication)
Dr Stephen Boulter
Dr Dan O'Brien
Dr Crispin Hyde-Dunn
Henry VII: A Study of Visual Display in Life and Death
Dr Charles Robertson
Professor Andrew Spicer
Dr Jenifer Dyer
Children in Domestic Service c. 1760–1830
Dr Aylsa Levene
Dr Joanne Begiato
Dr Virginia Flew
London Exhibitions of Contemporary Art: The Impact on Landscape Painting and its Reception
Dr Matthew Craske
Professor Christiana Payne
Dr Des Newell
Masculinity and the Plebeian Honour Fight: Dispute Resolution in Georgian England
Professor Joanne Begiato
Professor Anne-Marie Kilday
Dr Catherine Rushmore
Chemicals and their users in the British Home 1930s and 1980s
Dr Viviane Quirke
Dr Mary Thompson
The Furrowed Brow: The Depiction of the Elderly in Painting in England and the United States, 1870-1910
Dr Matthew Craske
Professor Christiana Payne
Dr Marcus Vestberg
The Nature of Artificial and Human Rationality
Dr Mark Cain
Dr Dan O’Brien
Dr Jan Walters
Architectural Planning and Behavioural Conventions in the Re-Use of Spiritual Properties In Sixteenth-Century London
Dr Harry Mount


Dr Alexandra Barmpouti
Eugenics, Demography and Family Planning in Greece, 1950-1980: The Activities of the Hellenic Eugenics Society
Dr Marius Turda
Dr Christine Bianco
Modern Art for Middle America: American Abstraction in Mass Magazines, 1946–1960
Dr Elizabeth Darling
Dr Elizabeth Darling
Spirituality in Psychodynamic Counselling: An Exploration of Counsellor’s Understandings of and Engagement with Spirituality in Practice
Dr Sally Richards (Social Work and Public Health)
Professor Beverley Clack
Dr Hanna Choudhury
The Forgotten Children: The Association of Parents of Backward Children and the Legacy of Eugenics in Britain, 1946-1960
Dr Marius Turda
Dr Catriona Gilmour-Hamilton
A Cohort of One: Oral Narratives of Cancer Research in Britain, 1970–2010
Dr Viviane Quirke
Dr Marius Turda
Dr Stephen Massie
The Imperialism of Cecil John Rhodes: Metropolitan Perceptions of a Colonial Reputation
Dr Donal Lowry
Dr Jenny Wright
Public Health Women Doctors in England, 1965–1991
Professor Glen O’Hara


Dr Rosemary Leadbetter
Experiencing smallpox in eighteenth-century England
Professsor Joanne Bailey
Dr Alysa Levene
Dr Mary O’Neill
Model Citizens: Fisherfolk Imagery from West Cornwall, 1860-1910
Professor Christiana Payne
Dr Barbara Byrant
A Victorian Artist on Display: G.F. Watts and the Exhibition Culture in the Nineteenth and the Twenty-first Century (PhD by Publication)
Dr Matthew Craske
Professor Christiana Payne
Dr Linda Ryan
John Wesley’s Thinking and Practice concerning Child-rearing and Education: An Evaluation within its Eighteenth-Century Context
Professor William Gibson
Dr Pete Mills
Popular Conspiracism in Britain, 1880–1914
Dr Tom Crook
Dr Dana Vilistere
The Core Conceptual Scheme: A Search for Common Aspects of Human Thought
Dr Mark Cain
Dr Clive Norris
Prophets and Profits: The Financing of Wesleyan Methodism, c. 1740–1800
Professor William Gibson
Dr Peter Forsaith
Dr Nick Saunders
The Suez Crisis and Britain’s European Allies
Professor Glen O’Hara
Dr Esther Shallan
Necessity, Choice and Misconception: A Qualified Approach to the Problem of Evil
Professor Beverley Clack
Dr Keith Anderson
An Investigation of Twentieth-Century Works of Art, which make use of the Iconography of the Crucifixion
Professor William Gibson
Dr Andrew McIntyre
Inspiration and Novelty: Creativity and the Modularity of Mind
Dr Mark Cain


Dr Colin Beckley
Natural Selection and Natural Processes: A Philosophical Examination of the Processes of Evolution
Dr Martin Groves
Dr Patricia Bennett
Relationality and Health: Developing a Transversal Neuro-theological account of the Pathways linking Social Connection, Immune Function and Health Outcomes
Dr Dominic Corrywright
Dr Sally Tye
Religion, the SPCK and the Westminster Workhouse: ‘Re-enchanting’ the Eighteenth-Century Workhouse
Professor William Gibson
Dr Alysa Levene
Dr Patrick Merricks
Should such Faith Offend? Bishop Barnes and the British Eugenics Movement, c. 1924–1953
Dr Marius Turda


Dr Olive Barnes
The Catholic Church in England: The Politics of Allegiance and Identity, 1791–1908
Professor David Nash
Dr Linda Fisher-Høyrem
What Matter? Human Nature beyond the Cartesian Framework
Dr Stephen Boulter
Dr Steven Byrne
Variation, Classification and Education: The Making and Remaking of the ‘Normal Child’ in England, 1880–1914
Dr Tom Crook
Dr Nella Robertson
The Jacobethan Legacy: Motive and Practice in British Architecture, c. 1870–1914
Dr Elizabeth Darling
Dr Fraser Joyce
Naming the Dead: Establishing the Identity of the Unknown Body in England and Wales, 1800–1934
Dr Katherine Watson
Dr Michele Paule
Smartgirls: Discourses of Achieving Girlhood in Schools, on Screen and Online
Professor Beverley Clack


Dr George Gosling
Co-Ordinating Diversity: The Mixed Economy of Healthcare in Bristol, 1918–1948
Prof. Glen O'Hara
Dr Catherine Flinn
‘In Spite of Planning’: Reconstructing Britain's Blitzed Cities, 1945–1954
Prof. Glen O'Hara
Dr Fiona Mann
Brushing the Surface: The Practice and Critical Reception of Watercolour Techniques in England, 1850–1880
Prof. Christiana Payne
Dr Stefan Fisher-Høyrem
Time Machines: Technology and the Performance of Secular Time in Victorian England
Dr Tom Crook
Dr Lynsey Cullen
Patient Case Records of the Royal Free Hospital, 1902–1912
Prof. Steven King
Dr Nancy Langham
‘The Splendour and Beauty of Truth’: John Rogers Herbert, RA (1810–1890)
Professor Christiana Payne
Dr Aleksandra Loewenau
The Impact of Nazi Medical Experiments on Polish Inmates at Dachau, Auschwitz and Ravensbrück
Professor Paul Weindling