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  • Dr Marius Turda

    Reader in 20th Century Central and Eastern European Biomedicine

    School of History, Philosophy and Culture

    Faculty of Humanities and Social Sciences


    Phone number: +44 (0)1865 483698

    Email: mturda@brookes.ac.uk


    Marius Turda is Director of the Centre for Medical Humanities.

    Originally from Maramures, Marius has been teaching at Oxford Brookes since 2005. He is the founder director of the Cantemir Institute at the University of Oxford (2012-2013) and founder of the Working Group on the History of Eugenics and Race (HRE), established in 2006. Between 2010 and 2014 he was Deputy Director, The Centre for Health, Medicine and Society. He is Fellow of the Royal Historical Society and Fellow of the Galton Institute. 


    • Previous undergraduate teaching includes the following modules: Storm of Progress in Europe, 1880-1925; Interwar Crisis in Europe; A History of Modern Ideas and The Nazi Racial State and Its European Context, 1918-1944.
    • Current undergraduate teaching includes the module Race and Modernity (3d year); Brave New Worlds: Evolution and its Discontents (2nd year) and Medicine and Society (1st year)


    •  Engineering Society: Eugenics and Biopolitics in Europe, 1860-1945


    PhD supervision

    Dr Turda has supervised and continues to supervise BA, MA and PhD dissertations on various aspects of the history of eugenics and race. Currently, he is currently supervising dissertations on the history of eugenics in Britain and in Greece, and on the history of social Darwinism in Romania.

    My main research interests relate directly to post-1800 European history and its connections to the wider world. They can be summarised into 5 interrelated clusters:

    1. Political Ideologies (anti-Semitism, racism, fascism, Nazism and communism, XIX and XX centuries) 
    2. Empires and Nation-States (federalism and nationalism; cultural politics; ethnic minorities)
    3. Biomedicine (reproduction; endocrinology; comparative history of race and social Darwinism; comparative history of eugenics and racial anthropology, including systems of care, public health and family planning as well as racial research on social and ethnic minorities)
    4. History of Ideas/Intellectual History in Eastern Europe (theories of ethnic specificity and national character; ethnic utopias; narratives of belonging) 
    5. Historiography, Methodology and Theories of History (the Holocaust in Eastern Europe; memory and trauma)


    • Turda M, Quine M S, Historicizing Race, Bloomsbury Academic (2018)
      ISBN: 9781441143679
    • Turda M, Ideea de superioritate nationala in Imperiul Austro-Ungar, Argonaut (2016)
      ISBN: 9789731096254
    • Turda M, Ed., The History of Eugenics in East-Central Europe, 1900-1945, Bloomsbury (2015)
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    • Turda M, Eugenics and Nation in Early 20th Century Hungary, Palgrave (2014)
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      ISBN: 978-963-7326-62-2
    • Turda M, Eugenism si modernitate: Natiune, Rasa si biopolitica in Europa, 1870-1950, Polirom (2014)
      ISBN: 9789734648863
    • Turda M, Crafting Humans: From Genesis to Eugenics and beyond, V&R Unipress (2013)
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    • Promitzer C, Trubeta S, Turda M, Ed., Health, Hygiene and Eugenics in Southeastern Europe to 1945, CEU Press (2011)
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    • Turda M, A healthy nation: eugenics, race and biopolitics in Hungary, 1904-1944, CEU Press (2010)
    • Pyrah R, Turda M, Re-Contextualising East Central European History: Nation, Culture and Minority Groups, Legenda (2009)
      ISBN: 978-1-906540-87-6
    • Feldman M, Turda, M, Georgescu T, Clerical Fascism in Interwar Europe, Routledge (2008)
      ISBN: 9781138011380

    Journal articles

    • Turda M, 'Romanian Eugenic Sub-Culture and the Allure of Biopolitics, 1918–39'
      Acta Poloniae Historica 114 (2017) pp.29-58
      ISSN: 0001–6829 eISSN: 0001–6829
      Abstract Website
    • Turda M, 'Unity in Diversity: Latin Eugenic Narrative in Europe, c. 1910s-1930s'
      Contemporanea 1 (2017) pp.3-30
      ISSN: 1127-3070 eISSN: 1127-3070
      Abstract Website
    • Turda M, 'Redemptive Family Narratives: Olga Lengyel and the Textuality of the Holocaust'
      Archiva Moldaviae 8 (2016) pp.69-82
      ISSN: 2067-3930 eISSN: 2067-3930
    • Turda M, 'Sub-Cultures and Narratives of Race in Hungary'
      ISSN: 1149-6525 eISSN: 1149-6525
    • Turda M, 'The ambiguous victim: Miklós Nyiszli's narrative of medical experimentation in Auschwitz-Birkenau'
      Historein 14 (1) (2014) pp.43-58
      ISSN: 2241-2816 eISSN: 2241-2816
      Abstract Website
    • Turda M, 'In Search of racial types: soldiers and the anthropological mapping of the Rosanian nation, 1914-1944'
      Patterns of Prejudice 47 (1) (2013) pp.1-21
      ISSN: 0031-322X eISSN: 0031-322X
      Abstract Website
    • Turda M, 'In Pursuit of Greater Hungary: Eugenic Ideas of Social and Biological Improvement, 1940–1941'
      Journal of Modern History 85 (3) (2013) pp.558-591
      ISSN: 0022-2801 eISSN: 0022-2801
      Abstract Website
    • Turda M, 'Entangled traditions of race: physical anthropology in Hungary and Romania, 1900-1940'
      Focaal 58 (3) (2010) pp.32-46
      ISSN: 0920-1297 eISSN: 0920-1297
      Abstract Website
    • Turda M, 'To end the degeneration of a nation': debates on eugenic sterilization in inter-war Romania'
      Medical History 53 (1) (2009) pp.77-104
      ISSN: 0025-7273 eISSN: 0025-7273
      Abstract Website
    • Turda M, 'The Biology of War: Eugenics in Hungary, 1914-1918'
      Austrian History Yearbook 40 (2009) pp.238-264
      ISSN: 0067-2378 eISSN: 0067-2378
      Abstract Website
    • Turda M, 'To End the Degeneration of a Nation: Debates on Eugenic Sterilization in Inter-war Romania'
      Medical History 53 (1) (2009) pp.77-104
      ISSN: 0025-7273 eISSN: 0025-7273
    • Turda M, 'Conservative palingenesis and cultural modernism in early twentieth-century Romania '
      Totalitarian Movements and Political Religions 9 (4) (2008) pp.437-453
      ISSN: 1469-0764 eISSN: 1469-0764
      Abstract Website
    • Turda M, 'Social Hygiene and Public Health in Hungary and Romania, 1920-1940'
      Gesundheitswesen 68 (2006) pp.496-497
      ISSN: 0941-3790 eISSN: 0941-3790

    Book chapters

    • Turda M, Allen G, 'Eugenics as a Basis for Population Policy' in Wrigth JD (ed.), International Encyclopedia of the Social and Behavioral Sciences (Second Edition), Elsevier (2015)
      ISBN: 978-0-08-097087-5
      Abstract Website
    • Turda M, Paul D, 'Eugenics, History of' in Wright JD (ed.), , Elsevier (2015)
      ISBN: 9780080970868
      Abstract Website
    • Turda M, 'Biology and Eugenics' in Saler M (ed.), The Fin-De-Siècle World, Routledge (2014)
      ISBN: 9780415674133
      Abstract Website
    • Turda M, 'History of Medicine in Eastern Europe, including Russia' in Oxford Handbook of the History of Medicine , Oxford University Press (2011)
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    • Turda M, 'Race, science and eugenics in the twentieth century' in Oxford Handbook of the History of Eugenics , Oxford University Press (2010)
      ISBN: 9780195373141


    • Turda M, review of Review: Human Heredity in the Twentieth Century, in Social History of Medicine 27 (3) (2014) pp.623-624
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      ISSN: 0022-5045 eISSN: 0022-5045

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    Recent conferences organised and papers presented

    Seminar series organised

    • Co-founder and convenor of East & East-Central Europe Seminar, University of Oxford (2006-2012)
    • Convenor of the History of Medicine Seminar, Oxford Brookes University (2010-2014)
    • Convenor of the Centre for Medical Humanities Seminar, Oxford Brookes University (2015-present)

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