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  • Professor Anne Digby

    Professor Emeritus in History

    School of History, Philosophy and Culture

    Faculty of Humanities and Social Sciences


    Phone number: +44 (0)1865 483708

    Email: adigby@brookes.ac.uk


    British social history from the eighteenth century to the present; social history of medicine and the history of African medicine.

    Professor Anne Digby's research ranges widely over the landscape of British social history from the eighteenth to twentieth centuries: from schooling and society to the New Poor Law, agrarian society in the nineteenth century to welfare policy in the twentieth. However, her primary current interest is in the social history of medicine.

    Areas of research include:

    • South African medicine;
    • medical markets and healthcare systems;
    • history of British social policy and welfare;
    • history of psychiatry.

    Her main research interest is the medical history of southern Africa. She has been particularly interested in medical pluralism and interactions between western and indigenous medicine in South Africa. Her book, Diversity and Division in Medicine: Health Care in South Africa from the 1800s,was published in 2006 by Peter Lang. Professor Digby has recently been working with historians from the University of Cape Town on the history of Groote Schuur Hospital, funded by a Wellcome Trust International Collaborative Award. The resulting book, At the Heart of Healing in Cape Town: Groote Schuur Hospital, 1938-2008 (Johannesburg, Jacana), jointly authored with Howard Phillips, and with the assistance of Harriet Deacon and Kirsten Thomson, will be published in November 2008. Currently, she is beginning to work on the structural imbalances in South African medicine and how and why these developed historically.Qustions to be examined include: Why were so many public and private resources concentrated in urban areas ? How successfully did agencies such as mission hospitals, health centres and clinics, outreach from institutions (including some collaboration with healers), and the activities of certain members of the medical and nursing professions - more especially their black members - modify this in order to provide services for rural inhabitants?


    • Digby A, Ernst W, Mukharji P, Crossing colonial historiographies: histories of colonial and indigenous medicines in transnational perspective, Cambridge Scholars Publishing (2010)
      ISBN: 978-1-4438-2154-4
    • Digby A, Phillips H, At the heart of healing in Cape Town: Groote Schuur hospital, 1938-2008, Jacana Media (2008)
      ISBN: 9781770096424

    Journal articles

    • Digby A, 'Black Doctors and Discrimination Under South Africa's Apartheid Regime'
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      Abstract Website
    • Digby A, 'Evidence, Encounters and Effects of South Africa's Reforming Gluckman National Health Services Commission, 1942-1944'
      South African Historical Journal 64 (2012) pp.187-205
      ISSN: 0258-2473 eISSN: 0258-2473
      Abstract Website
    • Digby A, 'The Bandwagon of Golden Opportunities? Healthcare in South Africas Bantustan Periphery'
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      ISSN: 0258-2473 eISSN: 0258-2473
      Abstract Website
    • Digby A, Sweet H, 'Social medicine and medical pluralism: the Valley Trust and Botha's Hill Health Centre, South Africa, 1940s to 2000s'
      Social History of Medicine 25 (2) (2011) pp.425-445
      ISSN: 0951-631X eISSN: 0951-631X
      Abstract Website
    • Digby A, 'The global and the local: changes at Groote Schuur Hospital'
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      ISSN: 0140-6736 eISSN: 0140-6736
      Abstract Website
    • Digby A, 'The medical history of South Africa: an overview'
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      Abstract Website
    • Digby A, 'Medicine, Race and the General Good: the Career of Thomas N G Te Water (1857-1926), South African Doctor and Medical Politician'
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    • Digby A, 'Early Black Doctors in South Africa'
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    Conference papers


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    Other publications