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Beth Lord - 'Spinoza on Human Life and Society'

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Who this event is for

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Blackwell's Bookshop, Broad Street, Oxford


You are invited to the upcoming Oxford Brookes Philosophy Public Lecture This event is organised by the Oxford Brookes Philosophy Department and funded by the Royal Institute of Philosophy (RIP).

On Wednesday 6th February Dr Beth Lord will give her talk on 'Spinoza on Human Life and Society' (abstract below). Beth is a reader at the University of Aberdeen and does research in the history of philosophy. She focuses on Spinoza and Kant and their relationship with more modern continental philosophy. 

Dr Beth Lord will discuss the life and thought of 17th century Dutch philosopher Benedict de Spinoza, with particular focus on his theory of human society. How can we be more rational, virtuous, and free? How can our societies become happier by being more harmonious and equal? Find out how Spinoza draws on sources from ancient Stoicism to medieval Jewish thought to build a startlingly modern vision of the social good.

Entry is free, but please turn up early if you want to ensure you get a space. We will have to stop letting people in once we hit full capacity. 

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