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Girls and Autism - Conference and book launch

This event has now finished. Please see our events website for details of upcoming events at Brookes.

Girls and Autism

Who this event is for

  • Everyone


Lecture Theatre B101, B Building, Harcourt Hill Campus


Oxford Brookes University are delighted to be hosting this full day event, led by Professor Barry Carpenter and supported by chapter authors, all professionals and experts living and working in the field of autism.

Starting at 09:00, keynote speakers will be delivering plenary sessions that provide insight and extensive experience from various perspectives including living with autism, supporting families, education girls with autism and promoting the emotional wellbeing of girls with autism.

In the afternoon, delegates will get the opportunity to attend an interactive workshop delivered by a keynote speaker.

Keynote speakers

  • Barry Carpenter, CBE, OBE
  • Sarah-Jane Critchley
  • Ruth Fidler
  • Sarah Wild
  • Kate Buckingham

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Interactive Workshops

Option 1 - The Mental Health of girls with autism – Barry Carpenter
This workshop will focus upon the profile of Autism in Girls, the risks of mis-diagnosis and of being misunderstood. It will also discuss interventions to support the girls in managing their stress, pressures and anxieties.

This lecture will be based upon new evidence and findings, taken from: ‘Girls and Autism: Educational, Family and Personal Perspectives’: Barry Carpenter, Francesca Happé and Jo Egerton (2019), London: Routledge Publishers

Option 2 - Supporting teachers, supporting girls with autism – Sarah-Jane Critchley
Getting it right in schools is vital to the wellbeing of autistic girls, but how do you identify and provide what autistic girls need, especially when every autistic person is different?

Whilst each and every individual has a vital role to play, the magic really happens when everyone in a school, setting or service works together. It takes a common understanding and language of autism underpinning a solid approach that recognises the particular needs and vulnerabilities of girls. This session will give you an overview of a whole school approach including standards, competencies and training supported by the DfE that will enable you to provide outstanding support to autistic girls. We will also discuss other ways to develop your provision and develop an implementation plan to make it happen.

At the end of the session, delegates will:

  • Know the importance of a solid understanding of autism to the education of autistic girls
  • Have a mechanism to assess their provision against good autism practice
  • Be able to identify the autism knowledge, skills and competencies their staff currently have
  • Know what areas must be enhanced to include specific skills needed to support girls
  • Know where to find training specifically by and about autistic girls and women

Option 3 - Supporting girls with a Pathological Demand Avoidance profile – Ruth Fidler
Supporting girls with a PDA profile: this workshop outlines the characteristics of the PDA profile and introduces Collaborative Approaches to Learning which promote positive experiences of learning and improved outcomes.

Option 4 - Supporting Transition for girls with Autism – Jo Egerton
This workshop will focus on transition issues that impact on early career planning decisions made by young autistic women for their futures. It will review recent employment research, and look at the career aspirations and planning of autistic girls with and without learning difficulties and how this can inform school-based career support.

It will introduce wordless books as one way to support career understanding and planning for young autistic girls with learning difficulties.

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Book launch and signing

Girls and Autism - Education, Family and Personal Perspectives by Barry Carpenter

Girls with autism are often overlooked for support because their underlying behaviours can be different to that of boys. Leading edge practitioners from a range of disciplines bring their cutting edge perspectives to provide insight, knowledge and strategies for educators at the front-line of working with girls on the autistic spectrum

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Delegates will have the opportunity to purchase a book on the day, signed by the authors.

Or you can order your copy now - 30% Discount available on all of Barry Carpenter’s titles. Enter the code UAG230 at the checkout

Places for the conference are limited, so book your place soon.

Kindly supported by OXIST, Parenting Special Children, and SEBDA.