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Blackwell's Bookshop Oxford


God can do the impossible with speaker Dr Nikk Effingam, University of Birmingham

Can God make a stone too heavy to lift? Can God gratuitously torture people? If not, does he fail to be omnipotent? The standard solution to such paradoxes is to say that God’s omnipotence is not threatened by his inability to do the impossible. But an alternative position (rooted in the Islamic Ash’arites) is that whilst he’ll never do the impossible he *could* if he wanted to. I defend this with reference to issues in the philosophy of time.

A public lecture hosted by the Royal Institute of Philosophy branch at Oxford Brookes University 

About the speaker

Dr Nikk Effingam is a senior lecturer in the Department of Philosophy at the University of Birmingham. His main research interests are metaphysics, philosophy of religion and some philosophy of science and mind.

For more details about Nikk go to: http://www.nikkeffingham.com

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