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Hunting for monkeys: how humans change primate behaviour

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Primate Conservation Seminar Series

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JHB 308 Kennedy, John Henry Brookes, Headington Campus, Gipsy Lane site


The Conservation and Behaviour Lab focuses on how the social and physical environment affects individual behaviour, and how this behaviour, can, in turn, alter that environment. There is a particular interested in hunting in the tropics and primate behaviour and always try to pursue research related to conservation. The approach to conservation science includes human decisions and behaviour as part of a complex ecosystem, thus most of the work is interdisciplinary and has a strong human focus. We combine approaches and theory from ecology, anthropology and psychology.

How do humans affect primate behaviour?

In this theme, we are interested in how spatial patterns of human and primate behaviour change our understanding of sustainability and conservation. For example, do differences in animal behaviour between hunted and unhunted areas change their detectability during censuses, and thus make comparisons between these areas more complex? Camilla Blasi-Foglietti is currently investigating this question, looking at how monkey behaviour in the Gola Forests of Liberia and Sierra Leone change with human hunting pressure.