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Multiple Methods in Education Research

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Multiple methods in Education Research

Who this event is for

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Main Lecture Theatre, Harcourt Hill Campus


Intelligent integration of ways of knowing symposium 2016

Education research in the UK is undergoing an earnest methodological turn. From a discipline characterized mainly by qualitative information collection, and phenomenological description, emphasis is shifting to acknowledge and include experiments to understand he effects of what we do in schools.

This symposium brings together people who have worked successfully across traditional paradigms - choosing and combining methods based on their suitability to the task rather than allegiance to paradigmatic tribes. They will share their experiences and model ways in which historically separated methods can be used together to address substantive questions about education.



  • Professor Sandy Oliver, UCL Institute of Education - Professor of Public Policy. Deputy Director of the Social Sciences Research Unit. Co-Author of An Introduction to Systematic Reviews. Special interest in synthesizing research literature.
  • Professor Kathy Sylva, University of Oxford - Professor of Educational Psychology. Lead investigator on the Effective Provision of Pre-School Education (EPPE) project. Nesbitt Award winner for outstanding contribution to educational research.
  • Professor Stephen Gorard, University of Durham - Professor of Education and Public Policy. Author of Research Design. Methods Expert for the US government Institue of Educational Science.
  • Professor Frances Gardner, University of Oxford - Co-director of the Centre for Evidence-based Intervention. Special interest in development and testing of paretning interventions and transportability across cultures and countries.
  • Doctor Ben Styles, National Foundations for Educational Research (NfER) - Research Director Educational Trials Unit. Co-author of A Guide to Running Randomised Trials for Education Researchers.
  • Helen Wilson, Oxford Brookes University - Co-investigator Thinking, Doing, Talking Scienceproject. Currently under large scale efficacy evaluation by the Education Endowment Foundation (EEF).