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Royal Institute of Philosophy public lecture

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Blackwell's Bookshop, Broad Street, Oxford


Royal Institute of Philosophy public lecture

You are invited to the upcoming Oxford Brookes Philosophy Public Lecture, this event is organised by the Brookes Philosophy Department and funded by the Royal Institute of Philosophy (RIP). 

On Wednesday 28th November Dr Adam Toon will give his talk on 'Mind as Metaphor' (abstract below). Adam lectures at the University of Exeter and interested in scientific modelling, the nature of representation in science.

Entry is free, but please turn up early if you want to ensure you get a space. We will have to stop letting people in once we hit full capacity.

What are mental states? When we say that someone has a particular belief or desire, are we making a claim about what is going on inside their head? If we are, might future cognitive science show that we are wrong? Might it turn out that beliefs and desires do not exist? My aim in this talk is to propose a new approach to these longstanding questions about mental states. To do so, I will draw on parallels with metaphor and figurative language. When we attribute mental states, I shall argue, we are not making claims about someone’s inner machinery. Instead, our talk about inner states is a useful pretence for making sense of people and their behaviour.