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Blackwell's Bookshop Oxford


Why is a child, but not a chimp, a person? with speaker Emma Borg, University of Reading

Chimpanzees are our closest living evolutionary relatives, sharing some 94% of our DNA. They have many qualities that can be described as human: they are capable of complex thought, communicate with each other and are social creatures, but if they and the other great apes are so similar to human beings, can we and should we think of them as people? In this lecture, Professor Emma Borg will discuss the philosophical question of what it is to be a person and explore whether our intuitive view, that chimps are not people, is right. 

Emma Borg is a professor in Philosophy from the University of Reading. She is also director of their Centre of Cognitive Research.

You can listen to her thoughts on language and context at Philosophy Bites

A public event organised by the Royal Institute of Philosophy branch at Oxford Brookes University

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