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You be the Judge

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Think Human

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Headington Campus


It’s real life Law & Order for your students, as we take Donald Trump to court and spend the day investigating criminology, sex and consent.


The Law, Sex and Consent

10:00 - 11:30

What does it mean to consent to sex? How do popular TV series like Game of Thrones help us explore sex, consent and the law? 

Join Dr Kate West, an expert in visual criminology, and Chris Lloyd, Senior Lecturer in Law, for a discussion on sexual consent and how it’s framed in popular media. From discussion groups to Q&A sessions, we’ll explore sex, gender and power, and gain the tools to understand consent.


Donald Trump on Trial 

13:00 - 14:30

Want to see Donald Trump in court? Bring your students to our mock trial of the American president.

Join us as we explore the scandals of Trump’s presidency, from allegations of cheating in elections, to hush money payments. We’ll learn about the American political system, and analyse Trump’s conduct. And we’ll decide, once and for all, whether Trump should be impeached.