Faculty of Humanities and Social Sciences

Student Collaborative Working Space

  • This new room is for ALL students in the Faculty of Humanities and Social Sciences and is located on the Gipsy Lane Campus.  It is newly refurbished and is now fully equipped and open for all faculty students to use. We would really like you to pop in and take a look for yourselves and see what it has to offer.  Some students are already using it for group work and as a quiet working space.

    It is situated in G102 (Gibbs building). Opening hours are 09:00–17:00 Monday to Friday, Semester time only

    What it has to offer Faculty Students

    Two group meeting tables and chairs; alongside there is a full size whiteboard with dry wipe markers and eraser supplied, useful for group work meetings

    A large coffee table and four easy chairs for more informal discussions about your course

    A small sofa for you to relax on.

    Two fully networked computers with the facility to print to a pooled printer in G223 on Gibbs second floor (normal charges apply)

    There are plenty of sockets in there to plug in your laptops if you need to and the Wi-Fi network is available.

    We have provided a bookcase for you to use as you wish. From time to time we will use this to leave old files or other stationary on it for you to help yourself (we like to re-cycle) and you are welcome to do the same if you no longer have use for any stationary materials or unwanted academic books.

    Offprints and Past Dissertations

    There are several filing cabinets which contain various offprints pertaining to particular modules running throughout the year. These are all collections from the School of Social Sciences which have been relocated to the Student Collaborative Working Space after the recent closure of the Resources Room formerly available to the School of Social Sciences and Law students before the faculty restructuring in 2012.

    These offprints are referred to in modules as additional reading materials and are found on reading lists in module handbooks. There are several copies of each reading and they are arranged in order of module number and also alphabetical within each module drawer.

    The offprints are for students to use as they wish or if they are directed to by module leaders. We ask that you don't remove them from the Student Collaborative Working Space or if you do please return them so that others can use them.

    Coursework hand-in drop-boxes (School of Social Sciences only).

    For the use of students in the School of Social Sciences. As the Programme Administration team for this department are based in the room next door (G103) it has been arranged for a coursework hand-in point to be located in the Student Collaborative Working Space. The drop-boxes will be labelled with module numbers when hand-in deadlines are approaching. At the date/time of the deadline the drop-boxes will be emptied by the appropriate Programme Administrator. Any coursework deposited after this will be deemed as a late submission and will incur a fail grade (0F) unless other arrangements have been made with the module leader through the exceptional circumstances procedure.

    Coursework collection for the School of Social Sciences will also be co-ordinated from here at given dates and times. The collection schedule will be posted at the beginning of every semester in the Student Collaborative Area and in all module handbooks, and collection can only be made at these specified times.

    Rules for using the Student Collaborative Working Space

    There are only a few rules to abide by and these are so that you can expect to find it as you left it and we can all enjoy the privilege of having a faculty student room.

    • Please use the bins and recycling box for all rubbish, please tidy up after yourselves.
    • Do not remove the stapler, marker pens or eraser. If you need staples or the markers don't work let the Student Support Coordinators know (in G104) or the Programme Admins (in G103) and they will be supplied/replaced for you.
    • Treat the furniture with respect, it is all new and we want it to stay looking that way.
    • This is not a silent study area but please be respectful of each other if more than one group is working in there
    • DO NOT remove Dissertations, Offprints or videos.


    Please use the room as often as you like so we don't lose it. At the moment it is being used every day, the more we use it the better. If you want to use the room after the opening hours for University Society meetings please contact Mandy Archer marcher@brookes.ac.uk and access will be arranged.