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A Life in Crime

Wednesday, 23 May 2012

Last night Richard Benson QC and Lucy Tapper of Reed's Solicitors returned to the School of Law at Oxford Brookes to give an inspiring careers talk entitled 'A Life in Crime'. Richard Benson QC is a highly experienced criminal barrister and judge, and Lucy Tapper is an experienced criminal barrister and Head of the Crown Court Department at Reed's Solicitors, the largest specialist criminal law firm in Oxford. Their talk about life as a criminal lawyer was well attended by a number of Oxford Brookes undergraduate and postgraduate law students who are considering careers as criminal solicitors or barristers. "I thought that Richard Benson's talk on his experiences as a criminal barrister were very useful.  It is always good to hear from someone who has both good experience and knowledge. I also felt that Lucy Tapper's experiences and the cases that she spoke about were very intriguing. She gave us a real insight as to what we can expect on the typical day of a criminal lawyer".- Danielle Aquilina LPC Student