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Academic releases new book on Germany-but with a twist

Thursday, 01 December 2016

Academic releases new book on Germany-but with a twist

Dr James Hawes, reader in Creative Writing at Oxford Brookes University, is set to release a book on the complete history of Germany – but with a twist.

Dr Hawes’ aim was to provide a fresh look at the history of Germany, and so The Shortest History of Germany manages to cover 2000 years-worth of German history in just 50,000 words. Dr Hawes explained the challenge of writing the book: “If you're trying to write the history of an entire country in one small book, you have to be as bold and ruthless as when writing fiction; you've got to separate out what really matters for the story, even though that means losing vast swathes of material that you yourself really enjoy.

The Shortest History of Germany, illustrated by James Nunn of the BBC Newsnight-featured The Corbyn Colouring Book,is due to be published in April next year by Old Street Publishing.