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Artist Teacher Students create and interpret art at the Pitt Rivers Museum

Friday, 25 August 2017

pitt rivers

The new student cohort on the Artist Teacher Scheme PG Certificate in Education, spent two days at the Pitt Rivers Museum. On their first day they worked alongside the current artists in residence Forest and Found; who employ traditional skills to work with native woods and natural dyes sourced from the land. The workshop aimed to support students to gain a greater understanding of the connection to a place through the experience of making and handling objects. Together they created artworks by manipulating, constructing and experimenting with different media.


On the second day the students explored multiple layers of interpretation evident in the Pitt Rivers Museum collection. For example, students explored the artworks of contemporary Aboriginal artist Christian Thompson who’s work comments on colonialism and draws on Cook’s voyages to the Pacific Ocean. This workshop was delivered by the education team at the Pitt Rivers Museum.

Programme Lead Dr Rachel Payne commented: “The Pitt Rivers Museum education team provide such a rich environment for artist teachers. The initial two days of the programme offer stimulating opportunities for artist teachers to make art, debate ideas and expand their understanding of how we interpret visual culture. Our aim is to support them to take these interpretation strategies back into the classroom where they deliver small-scale enquiries which challenge their pupils to think, make art and debate in new, innovative ways“.

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