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Book launch celebration in the School of Education

Friday, 20 February 2015

EDU Book Launch

The School of Education recently celebrated the launch of several new publications across various subjects.

Exhibiting the School’s expertise in research, the books centre on a range of research interests across the education field, from teaching science with drama to the impact of culture on teaching and learning the English language. Each author briefly presented their book by explaining the main themes and their process of writing.

Mary Wild and Alison Street’s Themes and Debates in Early Childhood is designed to help students understand and engage with current themes in early childhood, supporting the development of critical thinking skills. Key themes include children's voice, child wellbeing, identities and professional relationships. Linking theory to practice, thought-provoking activities help readers get a deeper understanding of contemporary themes in early childhood.

Any teachers wishing to hone their practice to motivate children and improve their science learning and attainment will find Debra McGregor and Wendy PreciousDramatic Science an invaluable resource. It is a resourceful tool for any teachers and primary science leaders who have classes of 5-10 year olds. It provides the busy professional with a range of tried and tested techniques to use drama as a support and aid to the teaching of science to young children.

Graham Butt’s MasterClass in Geography Education, published in January of this year, is the most recently published of the books celebrated. It provides a comprehensive exploration of the major themes in geography education research and pedagogy, drawing on international research. This book will be essential reading for all studying the teaching and learning of geography on PGCE and Education MEd/MA courses.

Mary BriggsTeaching and Learning Early Years Mathematics is essential reading for all those teaching or training to teach Early Years mathematics, providing comprehensive subject and pedagogic knowledge for those responsible for the youngest children in school and their vital first experiences of learning mathematics. This text enables the reader understand and support how children learn to count and calculate, recognize shapes and begin to generalize their findings about problems.

Covering core topics from vocabulary and grammar to teaching, writing speaking and listening, Jane Spiro’s Changing Methodologies in TESOL shows you how to link research to practice in TESOL methodology. It is the first book to teach methods and practice in a global context (and in an accessible way), including links to the latest developments in the field.

Mary Wild, Head of School of Education, attended the launch and said:

It was a great opportunity to celebrate the diversity of our research expertise. The texts ranged from philosophical reflections on the aims and purpose of education through to more practical classroom guides and textbooks. A common thread was the commitment to practice that is informed by evidence, balanced with theory that is illuminated through practice.