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Brilliant!, I've been inspired to tweet

Monday, 14 May 2012

One of the excited comments heard from a delegate at the recent ‘Learning with Technology’ conference held at The School of Education, in collaboration with the Curriculum ICT team from Oxfordshire County Council. Over 100 teachers and teaching assistants from 78 Primary schools and 6 secondary schools attended the conference and listened to keynote speakers Christian Hilton and David Mitchell explaining how learning in the classroom can be improved through technology. Christian is recognised as a leader in creative and inspiring ways of using ICT across the curriculum and across the whole school community and inspired the conference with his presentation about using ICT to take a school from ‘Good’ to ‘Outstanding’. David talked about using blogging to raise standards in writing. He introduced blogging to Heathfield Primary School in Bolton in December 2009 and has generated much interest from local and national media for his creative ways of using a range of social media to inspire and engage his pupils. Following David’s keynote talk one delegate commented ‘Brilliant! I’ve been inspired to Tweet! Following the keynote speeches delegates attended a selection of workshops giving them ideas on how to improve ‘Learning with technology’ and were also given the opportunity to talk to a select group of exhibitors involved with ICT and schools. Feedback from delegates:
Up to date and very good focus on raising standards and learning, constructive, helpful and inspiring.
Very inspirational and exciting! Lots of realistic ideas from people with understanding of ICT in schools… now to convey the potential of these innovative ideas to the staff back at school!
Inspiring, well worth coming, very informative.
Thank you for asking such great speakers and setting this up. I wish I could have brought the whole staff!
Further information about the event can be found at www.lwt2012.org.uk Oxford Brookes partnership of schools is a lively education community involved with the recruitment and training of new entrants to the profession. We are committed to developing our partnerships with schools and as part of this commitment Partnership schools are invited to a series of conferences on the latest developments in educational thinking.