Brookes academic publishes new book on morality and citizenship in English schools

Tuesday, 07 March 2017

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This week sees the launch of a new book by Dr Susannah Wright, Senior Lecturer, Education Studies, School of Education.

In Morality and Citizenship in English Schools: Secular Approaches 1897-1944, Dr Susannah Wright looks at the secularist campaigns that challenged the dominant Christian approaches to the teaching of morality and citizenship in English schools. It brings together, for the first time, the activities of different educators and pressure groups, operating locally, nationally and internationally.

The book sheds new light on early 20th-century secularism, and also offers a more rounded and textured picture of the teaching of civic values in schools at this time. Secularist activists had some limited influence on educational policy and practice. They aimed to achieve a balance between being true to their secularist roots and ideals, and influencing a wider public of teachers and policy-makers - but could not always agree amongst themselves over how to do this.

Dr Wright describes this subject as one with contemporary relevance; “surveys are now suggesting that the numbers professing no religious belief are starting to eclipse those professing attachment to a faith. The historical campaigns I've studied, I think, inflect attempts to cater for those of no religion, as well as those of a world faith, in the present."

In Morality and Citizenship in English Schools: Secular Approaches 1897-1944 will be published in March by Palgrave Macmillan.

Dr Susannah Wright is pleased to be part of the next Faculty of Humanities and Social Sciences book launch which will be held at the Ashmolean museum on Friday 10 March.