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Brookes achieves historic success in National Final of the Client Interviewing Competition

Wednesday, 01 April 2015

Headington Hill Hall

Jess Loveday and Nicole Kapu, who make up the School of Law client interviewing team, represented Oxford Brookes in the National Final of the Client Interviewing Competition of England and Wales, on Saturday 7 March.

Jess and Nicole, who are both currently undertaking the Graduate Diploma in Law at Brookes, performed excellently in the competition and took 3rd place overall in the National Final.

Coached by Marc Howe, Principal Lecturer in Law, the team made history by becoming the only team in the 31-year history of the competition to be awarded perfect marks by one of the judges for one of their interviews.

This year’s National Final was held at the University of Sussex and the legal topic was 'Small Businesses’. The annual Client Interviewing Competition “focuses on the invaluable skills of interviewing and counselling and centres on a simulated law office interview”.  Working in pairs, students interview and advise a “client”, and are assessed on their interpersonal skills and their ability to handle a legal problem.

The staff and students from the School of Law would like to extend their many congratulations to the pair who really shone as representatives of Oxford Brookes University.