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Brookes alumna tracks down missing heirs

Friday, 28 October 2016

Hannah Cooper

Hannah Cooper, an Oxford Brookes History graduate, has recently started a career in probate genealogy, a career that allows her to directly apply skills learnt over the course of her degree.

Working for Anglia Research, Hannah is responsible for tracking down the rightful beneficiaries of unclaimed estates. Hannah works as a Case Manager; and at any one time she is responsible for around 40 different cases. 

On a daily basis the government releases a list of unclaimed UK estates, and this is where a case begins. Hannah’s role involves utilising various official records to search for the unaware heir. The industry is highly competitive, with rival agencies often racing to complete the research first .

According to Hannah the skills learnt during  her undergraduate degree are ones she applies at work every day. “The course gave me the ability to conduct my own independent research, especially in regards to primary source analysis, and these are skills my job requires.”

Hannah first started looking into the company during her final year of study, and after she decided to apply, she used the Oxford Brookes Careers department to help tailor her CV towards the position. “I really enjoy my job because I do historical primary research which directly impacts individuals and their families. Lots of clients are extremely happy when we give them a copy of their family tree and tell them things about their ancestors that they otherwise may not have known.”

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