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Brookes Applied Languages student wins Speaking competition in Japan

Tuesday, 13 February 2018

Niall Plumb

Niall Plumb, who is currently undertaking a BA in Applied Languages, has won first place in a competitive speech contest at the University of Kitakyushu, Japan.

All exchange students were expected to compose a speech that would be chosen by the judging panel. Those selected had the opportunity to present at an event held by University of Kitakyushu. Niall says: “there were maybe 10 people who were shortlisted to three of us”. As a shortlisted candidate, he had to create a presentation and adapt the document into speech format for him to deliver.

Niall chose to base his speech on loan words that the Japanese had borrowed from other languages: this also includes the concept of ateji where alternate alphabets are used to convey the meaning of the word appropriately (Japanese has three alphabets). His speech was entitled Shakuyōgo and Ateji (着用語や当て字).

Niall was thrilled that his work made first place: “I feel a real sense of achievement because Japanese is an extremely hard language. It was a great opportunity and I am glad I was up to the cut”. 

Due to his win, Niall was subsequently asked to present at another event hosted by the Rotary Club of Japan.

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