Faculty of Humanities and Social Sciences

Brookes funded research workshop addresses the place of humanities in primary education

Monday, 25 September 2017

The thinker

Oxford Brookes School of Education are excited to host a workshop exploring the nature and challenges of how the Humanities are (re)presented in primary schools. It will explore themes around how links between various Humanities can be cultivated; and how the Humanities can assist in the development of morals.

The conference is jointly funded by Oxford Brookes University and the Association for the Study of Primary Education (ASPE) and will bring together academics from across the United Kingdom.

The event was inspired by the publication of a special edition of the journal Education 3 - 13. As Professor Graham Butt, organiser of the workshop tells us, “The themes of both the edition and the conference are essentially two-fold. Firstly, in the primary school setting, what can the humanities subjects learn from each other in order to achieve a curriculum that positively impacts on the moral development of children. Secondly, in the current socio-political climate of STEM prominence, how can the humanities work dialectically in order to ensure that they are not further marginalised.”

Speakers will include Lynne Robertson and Joe Walker from Education Scotland; Dr. Stephen Scoffham of Canterbury Christchurch University; Dr Norman Richardson of Stranmillis University College, Belfast and Sarah Whitehouse of the University of the West of England. Whilst their research in education links these academics, they also bring together expertise from a broad range of disciplinary areas.

The conference will also have much to offer to non-academics as it has a large contribution base from outside of academia: there will be teachers, policy-makers and teacher-educators contributing to the day.