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Brookes historian writes for The Independent on Ed Miliband's use of history

Friday, 31 January 2014

Dr Glen O'Hara, Reader in the History of Public Policy at Oxford Brookes, has contributed another of his semi-regular columns to The Independent online. This time, he reacts to the news that Labour leader Ed Miliband is taking inspiration from the early twentieth-century Republican President of the US, Theodore Roosevelt, by suggesting another source of inspiration: the British New Liberals of exactly the same Edwardian period.As Mr Miliband searches for a coherent attack on 'predatory' businesses and interests, Dr O'Hara suggests he look to Winston Churchill and David Lloyd George as much as across the Atlantic, for the latter were 'argued similarly that the concentration of economic power in too few hands had led to an increase in “unproductive” rather than “productive” capital; lagging productivity amidst the workers; too little consumption among the populace; and a seizure of the profits created by the joint efforts of all by those who had access to the powerful and influential'.