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Brookes Law Professor recognised by Manx Tynwald

Tuesday, 26 September 2017


Peter Edge, Professor in the School of Law, has a long standing specialism in the distinctive law, and legal system of the Isle of Man. This has recently been recognised by Tynwald, the Manx equivalent of Parliament.

Tynwald has an unusual history, and Peter contributed to a year of celebrations of that history. following Peter Edge’s involvement in the April celebrations of the first democratic elections in the Isle of Man in 1867, his study of the legacy of 1867 has been accepted for publication. Peter argues that 1867 needs to be understood as a partial, but essential, step on the road to democratic self-government in the Isle of Man. Placing it in the context of Imperial law, however, the very limited nature of this first step is better understood. He has summarized his findings in a guest blog for English Legal History.

Tynwald is of more than historic importance however, as it is the principal legal and political institution of the largely autonomous Isle of Man. Since 2016 it has been considering substantial constitutional change. Peter has contributing his long-standing expertise in the area to public discussion of possible reforms through blogs and media interviews. His Economic and Social Research Council funded research on religious representation on Tynwald is particularly relevant to that part of the reforms, and in 2017 he was quoted in Tynwald debates.

Peter’s work on Manx law was recognized in July, when he was a guest of honour at the Tynwald Ceremony – the annual meeting of the Manx legislature dating back around 1000 years. His public access monograph Manx Public Law, the first monograph hosted on Brookes’ RADAR depository, was singled out as a particular important contribution to the Manx legal system.

For those interested in more information, we invite you to consult his staff page.