Faculty of Humanities and Social Sciences

Brookes Lecturer Awarded Research Grant

Tuesday, 07 February 2017

t barber

Dr Tamsin Barber (Senior Lecturer in Sociology) has been awarded a Newton Mobility Grant with Dr Phuc Van Nguyen, Trung Vuong University, Vietnam, for the project: “New Labour Migrations Between Vietnam and the UK: Motivations, Journeys and Reflections”.

The grant will be used to fund international research trips and workshops in Vietnam and the UK, fostering a stronger research collaboration between the co-investigators and their research teams.

The project seeks to investigate the factors behind the recent increase in youth migration between Vietnam and the UK and provide a deeper and more nuanced understanding into why young Vietnamese migrants come to the UK, what they hope to achieve through migrating, their experiences once in the UK, and how they evaluate their migration retrospectively on returning to Vietnam.  The project will research prospective migrants prior to leaving Vietnam, those in the UK, and those who eventually return to Vietnam 

Tamsin remarked that: “This grant will help me to build upon my existing research on the Vietnamese Diaspora in Britain by understanding how the experiences of newer migrants compare and contrast with the more established community and what level of interaction there is between these two populations. I also hope to be able to provide greater clarity, context and nuance in our knowledge about this new migrant group and counterweight the overwhelmingly negative news coverage of this group in the British media”.

To find out more about Tamsin’s work, see her staff profile.