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Brookes staff founding members of new transnational history network

Thursday, 12 January 2012

Oxford Brookes is at the centre of an exciting new development, as a number of History staff members have become founding members of a new international network of researchers working on transnational histories of charity, campaigning and civil society. Dr Tom Crook, Professor Virginia Crossman, Dr George Campbell Gosling and Dr Glen O'Hara as well as researchers across the UK and in Australia, Canada, Iceland, Ireland, France, Japan, the Netherlands, New Zealand, Sweden and the USA have joined with colleagues at the Voluntary Action History Society. Together they will collaborate on international events, funding opportunities and information sharing in an area of historical research that is rarely adequately considered beyond national borders. You can read about how and why the VAHS is making transnational histories central to its activities in 2012 here: http://www.vahs.org.uk/2012/01/transnational-gosling-oppenheimer/ For more information see http://www.vahs.org.uk/transnational/ or contact Dr Gosling at gcgosling@brookes.ac.uk