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Brookes Undergraduate Research Success

Wednesday, 01 February 2017

undergrad conference

Three undergraduates from the Faculty of Humanities and Social Sciences have had their research selected to represent Oxford Brookes at a national level. Additionally, Olena Zyelyentsova and Georgia Shortman have been invited to share their research at the Posters in Parliament conference in March 2017.

Louise Foulger was selected for the British Conference of Undergraduate Research after submitting an abstract to the Oxford Brookes GetPublished team. Louise is studying how different stakeholders value geodiversity in Malta’s coastal environments.

On her selection Louise said: “I was so thrilled that all the hard work and time I had put into writing my research journal had all been worth it! This event will allow me to stand out on my CV and has made me more confident when applying for future university events”

Georgia Shortman will be presenting her dissertation project “Women’s Gendered Experiences in the Wine Trade” at the Posters in Parliament Event in March.

“Allowing students to present their dissertation in the form of a poster or oral presentation gives them a chance to demonstrate their imagination and creativity. It is also great opportunity to share research and ideas with students from different disciplines, ideal for a new generation of emerging researchers.”

Olena Zyelyentsova has also been selected to present her dissertation at the Posters in Parliament event. Olena’s dissertation will involve an exploration of the Ukraine Crisis.

“My dissertation supervisor, Sarah Whitmore, urged me to apply and I am glad that I listened to her. At first I was a bit nervous as Posters in Parliament is an event which can change your future. ou can promote the issue you are writing about as well as meet many influential people. My topic is the Ukraine Crisis. As the crisis is very new and is closely connected to European matters it is a concern to millions of people. “

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Further information on the British Conference of Undergraduate Research is available on their website.