Faculty of Humanities and Social Sciences

Centre for Global Politics, Economy and Society Launch event

Wednesday, 02 January 2013

To celebrate its launch the Centre for Global Politics, Economy and Society (GPES) will hold a workshop on January 17-18, 2013 on the theme of “The Borders of Global Theory: views from within and without” The workshop will be held in the University’s Buckley Building, on its Gipsy Lane campus and will commence at 1:45pm on Thursday January 17; finishing on Friday, January 18 at 2pm. There is no charge for the workshop, but if you would like to attend so that we can estimate seating and refreshments, please contact Dr David Hughes on david.hughes-2010@brookes.ac.uk The Centre is an interdisciplinary body with a remit to encourage reflection on and research into social transformations of global scope, which are impacting on the world today. For further information visit www.brookes.ac.uk/social-sciences/research/gpes/ The workshop will examine the current state of global theory, assess its contribution to the transformation or modification of social-scientific knowledge and reflect on its future. A body of work with the idea of the global at its core can be traced back to the 1980s and despite the narrowing of the research focus seen in the shift from broad-brush and often ideologically - inflected tracts, to projects with a rather middle-range cast, arguably there remains the promise of a two-way transformation immanent in global scholarship. The first is a transformation in the ways in which the world is ordered and lives conducted; the second a transformation in how knowledge about the world is garnered and evaluated. In both cases, our frames of reference either have changed, or may be changing.  Nearly 3 decades on it is apposite to take stock and look forward; all with a critical eye. The final programme for the workshop will be published on January 5 at: www.brookes.ac.uk/social-sciences/research/gpes/
Speakers include: Roland Roberston: "Beyond the Global? Potential Directions for 'Global Studies'" Chris Rumford: "Strangeness: theorizing a particular experience of globalization" Jan-Aart Scholte: "Global Democracy Research: A Methodological Reflection" Grahame Thompson: "Should we be worried about global quasi-constitutionalization?" Heather Widdows: "Public Goods and the Possibility of Theories of Can theories of Justice ever being Global?" Gillian Youngs: "Virtual Globalization: Directions in Digital Thinking"