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Centre for Science Education supports creativity and originality in primary science

Thursday, 20 February 2014

Oxford Brookes has recently been awarded money by the Primary Science Teaching Trust (formerly the Astrazeneca Science Teaching Trust) to set up the Oxford Brookes Hub for Science Education. The School of Education has been awarded the grant because of its continuing support for high quality education in primary science and the Centre for Science Education will be one of only seven ‘hubs’ in the UK. The Primary Science Teaching Trust (PSTT) has invested in primary school projects at Oxford Brookes before, and leaders of the Oxford Brookes Centre for Science Education Helen Wilson and Deb McGregor have also received funding from the trust for their own projects in the past. The focus of the Oxford Brookes Centre is creativity in science, with the aim to develop and support originality and inventiveness in science lessons and to encourage more research-informed and evidence based teacher practice. Research findings and materials produced by the Centre will hopefully influence the teaching of primary science both nationally and internationally.
We are really excited by the opportunities that this project affords to Oxford Brookes and primary teachers in the area (and nationally too). We are looking forward to generating materials and research evidence that will inform exciting ways to promote many different kinds of creativity in science lessonsDeb McGregor, Professor in Education
If you would like to find out more please email Deb McGregor (dmcgregor@brookes.ac.uk)  or Helen Wilson (hwilson@brookes.ac.uk)